Monday, November 11, 2019

I have not yet learned to be old ...

I have not yet learned to be old:
My world
Glistens with sky-eyed wonder.
My heart
Still dances under the stars
Tasting moonlight;
While my feet,
Toe tangled in grass,
Wiggle to their own rhythm.

Laugh with me,
Bright leaves of spring,
Chortle the air with birdsong!
Search each storm
For rainbows!
Rest within the shade’s embrace,
Smiling at dandelions.

What is this thing called age?
Dull paint upon the body’s chariot?
An extra blanket in the howling wind?
A sorrow for the things that are no more?
A little pain?
A softness in the heart?

These shall not make me old,
Shall not defeat
My butterfly-skipping hopes,
The prayers that bind,
Fiercer than fierce,
To glories just beyond
My fingers’ reach.
I shall stretch out my sails
With hands that time has cobbled into knots,
To catch the dawn-wind of my Father’s love,
And steer to brave horizons,
Learn new songs,
And, open-handed, face both day and night.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

We were so young

We were so young and brave,
Fire-eyed and gorgeous,
Gobbling down life,
Drinking down rain and music.
We were so young.

We were so young and brave,
Never then knowing
That sorrow-weight slows you,
Entropy tries to claim you.
We were so young.

We were so young and brave,
So little dreaming
How deep were the gorges jumped;
Why others faltered.
We were so young.

We were so young and brave,
Laughing at shadows,
Seeing no substance,
Light, there was light before us.
We were so young.

We were so young and brave,
Loving with freedom,
Choosing forever-commitment,
Handfast and steadfast.
We were so young.

We were so young and brave,
In this sober country
We harbour no regrets,
For we chose with courage:
We were so young.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Know Your Limits

Know your limits, know your place
Know the whole world floods with grace;
Know that you have been set free
To walk in love’s entirety.

Know that you are weak and small,
Know the mighty Lord of all
Lifts you up to heights unguessed
His holiness to manifest.

Know your voice is small and weak,
Know that he commands you speak
Gloried angels bend to hear
Mercy lift you out of fear.

Know your limits, child of man
Called forth by the great I Am,
Meek with wonder, take your place
In the annals of his grace.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Carss Park, September

Early Spring:
On sun-blessed waters
Knife-sharp gulls
Float in the moment’s tranquillity;
We sit
In lengthening shadows
Watching an infinite sky
Whisper hallelujah.

I will arise and go
To my Father’s many-mansioned house,
Under his roof-beams,
My corner’s rest
The lapping waters
And the glory of the light.

Monday, September 02, 2019

On Government Policies

Cold and metallic, bitter on the tongue
Blind cruelty stalks the land.
Genial, smiling, blokey
And heartless as a bank vault:
Dollar-signs, false fears, and the tramping of the boots –
Jackboots marching, trampling tender shoots
Ripping kindness by the roots.

It is not cheap sentiment
To stand against the zeitgeist
To refrain from sloganeering
Ersatz comfort easy-bought.
Compassion costs the heart
Pierced through and nailed apart
With ancient nails.

Let us renounce all cruelty
Let us not dehumanise
In the kingdom of my Father
There is no us-and-them,
In the kingdom of my Father
We clutch Christ by the hem.
Let the little children come

Thursday, August 22, 2019

My Strength is Renewed

My bones are weary with great weariness
Of living, yet my heart sings like a bird
(The one who had escaped the fowler’s net),
I find renewal in your every word.

You draw me, draw me, from the depths of dark
Into that light which pierces like a sword
Unmake, remake me, shatter and re-form;
You are my life, therefore I call you Lord.

You were undone to do me up again,
Broken for me to reconstruct my soul
Out of the stuff of your transforming grace
And in this great defeat I am made whole.

Therefore I love and laugh and lift and live
In you who are my treasure and my king
And though death stalks my every mortal breath
Your life in me will give me everything.

Friday, August 16, 2019

The hermitage

I carry my own hermitage within:
A place apart, the world can wait outside
And nothing know, nor ever penetrate
The recess of the self where I abide.

My cell is furnished with such pretty things:
The stars of night, the sunlight on the sea,
And every lovely flower’s tenderness,
And music of heart-stopping poetry.

Here my beloveds, in the arms of prayer,
Rest tranquil, and my terrors are laid by
With tears of thankfulness. I can let go
Of all the busyness which I decry.

Here trembling hope has learned to reach in trust
And smile again; here peace with folded wings
Waits to embrace, to still my tottering doubts,
And whisper melodies till my heart sings.

And here is rest until my rest shall come;
Here, at the heart of all, my altar stands,
For underneath all things is utter love,
And I am held forever in his hands.