Thursday, November 16, 2006

Prayer of the Koala

I have been reading de Gasztold's "Prayers from the Ark" and have been very moved by them. There is no way I could emulate what she has done, but I thought from time to time I might attempt to write prayers for a few other animals. today, the koala:

Lord I must cling
Here is life
here is food
the only food I can stomach.

It is too much
to do any more than this
I am tired,
so tired,
and I sleep more than I wake
and life passes like a dream ..

I hardly know thirst
it is enough to feed
in the place where I have wedged
this uncertain self
treed here
to willingly cling
day by day
to Your mercy
Forever renewed.

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Maeghan said...

Hi! I'm Maeghan. Got here through Codepoke's.

Nice poem!