Monday, March 05, 2007

Emotional abuse -- the wife

Spoken in the voice of the woman who has endured years of subtle emotional abuse, overwhelmed in confusion and pain. And the saddest part is that most churches would simply tell her to submit!!

What do I do when faith is broken
When dearest dreams are turned to ash?
I gave you me, now, disregarded,
I see my soul shrugged off as trash.

I dreamed a feast of all love’s riches
Year after year to feed and grow
Now, as I gnaw on crusts of coldness,
I wonder what it is I owe.

You held a mirror, cruel, distorted,
Up to my heart, and bade me see
My basic needs as scrabbling, ugly.
I learned the loathsomeness of me.

Where do I count? What scale of measure
Weighs all these crushing pricks of pain?
Kindness withheld, more cruel than cruelty,
Weaves empty patterns in my brain.

Held by that vow that pins me surely
Tight unto you through grinding years
I seek God’s pity in my frailty,
I seek release for silent tears.

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