Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nicodemus 2

More thoughts on Nicodemus and his conundrum ..

Where is life? Can it be found
In the ways our fathers trod?
Tried and true and safe and sound
Surely is the place of God?

Here is law and here is more
Piety and sacrifice
Temple and tradition close
All we need, no room for Christ.

Thick the walls that we have wrought
Thus to make ourselves secure
Whilst the rising spirit-wind
Beats against our shuttered door.

We are reasonable men
We have studied, we have learned
Every angle on the law --
This one thing we’ve not discerned.

This one thing: how can it be
Life could come another way?
This is life and all we have
Each pronouncement to obey.

We have built and we are strong
God must bless our righteous cause
In our ways we honour Him:
We who nearly keep His laws.

Why then doubt and why dismay?
Why this creeping midnight fear
Which compels these questions now?
And why bring the questions here?

I had thought that thus I lived
Heaven’s ways upon the earth
But it seems I lived in vain,
Do not live until a birth!

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