Monday, September 24, 2007

Love and a Green frog

Was teaching (can't exactly call it preaching -- way too informal for a "proper" sermon) in church on sunday night on parayer, and wanted to get across the idea that if something is real to our own hearts, we should pray about it, however "silly" we might think it looks in the light of eternity. Yes, in God's eyes this issue or that may be nothing but a phantasm born of our confusion, but if it has power to affect us, then He is concerned because He cares about us. That's just what a loving parent does. I thought of an incident which, for me, illustrated exactly what i meant.

When my son was about 3 he woke up one night, in the coldest part of the wee small hours, totally convinced there was a green frog in his bed! (I have no idea where that notion came from) Now, before I even walked into the room, I knew 100% certainly that there was no frog there. my child was not in any danger of any kind. BUT, he believed he was! (Yeah, some scary frog!!) So, of course, just as you would, i got up in the cold and unmade all his bed (and then remade it) just to prove there was no frog there. Then my little boy felt safe, and was able to lie down and go back to sleep in confidence. it was worth the trouble to me, not because the frog was worth the effort, but because my child was.

That's how it is with our heavenly Father too.

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Kevin Knox said...

This one was amazing, too. Perfectly pitched, and bullseye accurate. I'll have to borrow it someday.