Friday, January 18, 2008

Where have I been?

I feel like I owe my poor neglected blog an explanation for my absence, but I'm not sure I really have one. First there was Christmas. I preached Sunday 23rd (on "unto us a child is born" -- God's gift to us is himself, our response must be to fully give ourselves to Him). Sunday night daughter and I went into a city church for a traditional 9 lessons and carols service -- that was beautiful. Christmas Eve husband and I went to a church in a neighbouring suburb for a 10pm communion service, so 11:30 before we got to bed. Christmas morning we had to be up early, because the kids were coming in at 8am for presents (some things don't change, even when they're all grown up) then the whole family went to the Prezzy church to be with A's widowed dad for Christmas morning church. Then lunch at A's sister's place (my job was to provide cold turkey breast meat for 22 people) and then my family came to our place for dinner in the evening. (we gave them a BBQ) my Christmas is best described as exhausting!
A was on holidays for the next week (Australia almost shuts down between christmas and new year -- it's peak holiday season here) and we played tourists in our own city. Then, the first weekend in January, we spent friday night in a city hotel (last minute rates)and enjoyed ourselves around Darling Harbour, one of the city's main tourist precincts. Then I had a sermon to write up for Sunday morning. I spoke on Epiphany, how, in the coming of the wise men, we see that Jesus had come for Gentiles as well as Jews. If God is inclusive and calls everyone to His table, regardless of their human differences (race, gender, age, social status, educational level) then we need to seriously deal with our own hidden prejudices and be welcoming and loving to all in His name.

Then, we went out last friday night to celebrate our wedding anniversary, which was actually this Monday (Monday is not a good night for restaurants) 31 years married!! how did THAT happen??? (I'm still in beginner's class some days)

This Sunday I'm preaching again (the last time for a while)This time it's on Seeing Jesus.

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