Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guru? me?

Not too sure about this one (h/t Kansas Bob), a lot of questions it was a toss up which way I'd answer them. besides it's terribly hard to choose between superlatives to describe yourself, I want to tone the whole thing down a bit!!

You Are the Guru

You are a naturally good counselor. You are inspiring, encouraging, and compassionate.

You are eager to help everyone who crosses your path, even those who don't want to be helped.

You are a natural healer. People feel at peace when they are with you.

You are so good for people, in fact, that they go through withdrawal once you're gone.

You quietly do your own thing, without openly resisting. You secretly try to fix every problem.

Your biggest regret is not being able to help as many people as you'd like.

1 comment:

codepoke said...

I don't often read your posts while I'm at home, and able to comment. It saddens me to miss so many opportunities to affirm how touching your many poems and insights are. And somehow, several hours later at home it seems awkward to say, "Another great one!"

I don't know about the word "guru" and "Lynne" being in the same sentence, but I know every word of the 6 affirmations that follow after guru is true of you.

Thank you for so much you add to the blogosphere and to my life out here.