Saturday, November 22, 2008

Seven Weird things about me ..

Ok, this is all Karen's fault .. since she tagged all her readers!!!

1. I'm an Australian who can't swim .. never got the hang of it. Ok, co-ordination isn't my strong suit!

2 my third class teacher nicknamed me "Miss Dictionary" (after I corrected her spelling of Gallipoli)

3. When I was little, I used to spend time playing with the toys I didn't like, so their feelings wouldn't be hurt.

4. I was 9 years old in 1964 when the Beatles came to Australia. All the girls in my class went crazy over them. At 9 I couldn't figure what the fuss was about, and I said so. So i was the strange kid in the class who didn't like the Beatles!! (and I don't do peer pressure too much either!)

5. I really dislike the flavour of peanuts.

6. Having no brothers, I had no idea as a child what the physical differences between boys and girls were -- and no one would tell me! So I tried to figure it out for myself and thought that boy's hair didn't grow!! In the 60s, when males started to wear their hair longer, I got very confused.

7. In my student days I used to sing in the train. because of my schedule I was often travelling in moderately empty trains, and I would get in the end section of the carriage, by myself, and, while the train was moving and making a noise, i would sing and (presumably) no one would hear me ..

Too much information?
if you have a go at this "confessional", let me know ..


karen said...

#2..ha ha--good on you!
#3 awwwww
#4 good for you!
#6 good deduction!
#7 if they heard you, no one complained. I'll bet you have a beautiful voice.

Kansas Bob said...

We have swimming in common.. I just got comfortable with the deep end of the pool a few years ago.

Suzanne R said...

I had a go at this one, so come see. ;-) Yours are very interesting!

Missy said...

Just catching up...

These are fun!

I taught adult swim lessons in college. It's never too late (but adults do take a great deal longer to teach than children).

#3 - I did that, too. Did you alternate the dolls/stuffed animals that you slept with so everyone got equal time? :)