Monday, December 01, 2008

The people who walked in darkness ..

For Advent ..

Long we have walked in the darkness
In the unlight of confusion
Whispering shadows
Our tenebrae of fear.

We have reached out and clutched the nearest hand
Trying to still the panic
Of the utterly alone
Who cannot see love
In any other face.

We light our own torches.

Strange fire, wildfire,
Sickly phosphorescence,
Flashlights under blankets and the heart’s auto da fe.
Any light, anyway,
Trying to see our way,
To see the way forward.
Make progress,
Invent our own way home,
As if the whole wide world were not in night.

To such as us, light comes.

Light we did not create, more terrible than beauty,
Searing as lightning, brighter than the noon,
To whom the very sun is a shadow, faint and pale
Whose embrace we flee from,. and whose love we crave

Light clothed in flesh,
Deep in the womb-cave darkness,
We are pregnant in our longing, and barren in our dreams,
Stumbling in the night.

Come to us in mercy, lest we die in dark.


Benjie said...

Thanks for the Advent thoughts.

I've been advocating Advent for a couple of years now -- 2007 (completed) & 2008 (now in progress) series @ my devotional site

Have a blessed season.

(found you via John Smulo's Blog Comment Day)

Jonathan Stegall said...

Hi Lynne,

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I greatly appreciate hearing from you. I'm glad to be made aware of your writings as well, as you have great things to say throughout.

This in particular is a great one for me. I'm loving these thoughts, in light of trying to really think about Advent.

Lynne said...

Thanks, both of you.
I think we have a common theme here, trying to rediscover Advent as the route to Christmas. Despite general busyness, i want to try and write a few Advent poems this December as my way of connecting back.

Gillian said...

Thank you, that was beautiful.

I stumbled upon your blog via a link somewhere else.

Advent has long been one of my favourite seasons in the Church year and I missed it the many years I spent in a non-liturgical based church. I think that the building of expectation and anticipation in the season of Advent is not only Biblical in reflecting the waiting and yearning of the Israelites for a release from captivity by the long-awaited Messiah, but it enhances my own appreciation for the Christmas season once we arrive.