Thursday, April 16, 2009


I shall no longer shadow-lurk
In the dim, grim darkness,
In my manifold mortality:
He has rolled away the stone.

Here, eager-footed forwards,
Into laughter-chiming light
While the waves call alleluia
And the world is glory-glad.

Not looking back, tomb-tethered,
When His wonder stretches forth
Fluid as love Himself,
Deep as desire.

Someday, star-dancing,
All is finally finished,
Now, in this liminal loveliness
Learning faith’s footing.

Embrace awaits, at the end of the sand journey,
Plunging into Him,
Knowing Life lives, grace-cadenced,
In my Lord.


Mavis said...

Nice to 'meet' another Sydney-sider INFP. I really enjoyed the language in your poetry especially glory-glad, star-dancing, Life lives, grace-cadenced in my Lord. Thank you

Beth P. said...

Hi Lynne-pickle,

Lovely poem bringing the journey, the pilgrimage into your own heart.

Thanks for posting to the poetry party!

Abbey of the Arts said...

Lynne, welcome to the Poetry Party and thanks for jumping right in with your own beautiful offering -- "tomb-tethered", "star-dancing", "grace-cadenced" -- what wonderful word pairings.