Sunday, July 19, 2009


Just to answer the question, how does my favourite colour make me feel?

Here into mystery, without finality
Dim rich uncertainty, where I find rest.
Not in false confidence, arrogant impudence
Trusting truth’s immanence, waiting is best.

Fast through the dark’ning storm, keeping cold courage warm
‘Gainst the devouring swarm, here I shall stand;
Not knowing everything, under the shelt’ring wing
Where even sorrows sing, held by His hand.

Beauty is promise rare, silencing old despair,
His touch is everywhere, taking death’s sting.
For all eternity, freed from iniquity
In my entirety loved by my king.


Milly said...

purple is my fav

Anonymous said...

Glad to find your blog today, via a search for Ruth Pitter's poems.
Thanks for "The Sparrow's Skull" and for your own writing too.

"Jack" [just a pommie b**tard :)]

karen said...

Purple and green.....