Saturday, March 06, 2010


Ok, this week's exercise was a challenge -- to write something entitled Dragonfly. Not having much interest in writing up a paper on insect biology, this is what I came up with.

I shimmer-skim in bright light quivering slowly,
Clear as the moment’s passion; small desire
Propels without direction, glad day springing
In quick uprush: wings glint in glory-fire.

No plunge, no plan, no yesterday; tomorrow,
Only the vaguest dream. Under the shade,
I dip, I dart, delight in coolness tasting,
Dance on the water, swift and unafraid.

Thus to your truth I come. No hesitation
Here to embrace each moment glittering sweet,
Flitting as fancy takes me, on the surface,
My own reflection constantly to greet.

Never the deeps, lest they should spoil my flying,
Lest I must pause in meeting appetite,
Lower myself, my vanities denying,
Into rich truth, beyond my transient sight.

I would feed on these wisps and flicks of living,
Not to return into the once-fled place;
Never to drink the deeps of your forgiving,
Nor saturate in flowing floods of grace.

I am the less, consumed by my own beauty.
I am the less, by carapace confined
Until I know it’s your light makes me lovely,
Flaunting in brightness, I am deeply blind.


karen said...

WOW!! That's the best stuff I've read in a bit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the poem :)

Pommie B'tard