Friday, April 09, 2010

Vale Michael Spencer

In the not-yet we wait, on the nearer shore,
In this place on broken flesh and flaccid dreams,
Missing you already, who have barely gone,
Knowing this river is the great abyss
We cannot cross alone.

It is not enough
Right now, to know that our God waits us there,
We need Him here, right now, right here, to hold us,
To tell us loss is not the final word.
The last foe prowls
Cruel on the crumbling edges, and his icy breath
Crumples us tight with fear we barely name,
For us, for you, for all we dare to love.
It is hard to be a human in this place,
Or speak of grace within the monster’s grip ..
And yet we know he is an empty thing.

Oh Easter God!
Meet with us here in the place of desolation,
Tell us again the price is fully paid
Show us again how momentary is death,
How short the path of darkness we must tread
Until we reach that sun which goes not down.
Hold us in promise
Through mystery and fear, until we reach,
That certain place where life abundant springs,
And Death, the great impostor, is no more;
And all Creation, caught in one embrace,
Dances with joy before our Father’s face.

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Anonymous said...

This comes with condolences on the loss of your friend, and with thanks for writing.

pommie b