Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sigh ..

This poem is rooted in a fictitious scenario: imagine a person goes to the beach for a day (or a holiday) in expectation of something good happening (romance? acceptance by a group of friends?)but it doesn't work out that way. Instead, cruel or careless words are said, and they are badly hurt ..

Sigh for the cries of the children, sigh
For the slow, soft burn of the afternoon,
For the gulls and the waves and might-have-been,
For a laugh that broke off all too soon.

Sigh for the hope of the sweet sea breeze,
For the sun too strong, and the sand too hot,
Sigh for the endless stretch of beach
And the things that were, though they were not.

Sigh for the salt on your lips, yes, sigh
For the salt in your eyes and the tears that fall.
Sigh for the failure of yourself,
And the pain that drowns, submerging all.

Sigh for the glamour that fades away,
Sigh for the cup, once sipped, withdrawn.
Sigh for the blood that must be shed:
The jeering words and the crown of thorn.

Sigh for the truth of your brokenness
The outward pain and the inward war
Sigh until there is no more sea,
And afterwards we sigh no more.

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