Friday, April 11, 2014

Lent 33: Genesis 17: 3 - 9

The Covenant with Abraham

God of the frosty brightness of unnumbered stars
And the cold, sere winds across the moon;
God of the crushing depths of sea,
And the barren mountaintops;
God of unbearable holiness,
And uncreated light,
Who speaks from the thunder and the whirlwind,
And from Sinai rimmed in fire ..

You see each sparrow fall,
And count our every tear;
You are tender to the finest petal,
And send the soft, spring breeze;
The perfume of the rose is Your delight,
And the sheen on the butterfly’s wing,
And You have visited and redeemed Your people.

One man stood
Alone amidst the mystery,
And his faith was counted as righteousness.
One man stood
Alone before his God,
And You promised a multitude in blessing.
One man stood,
Childless and alone,
And You called Him the Father of a Nation.

One man hung
On a cross alone,

And all the peoples of the world are blessed.

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sheila said...

So beautiful and powerful!