Monday, May 25, 2015

Song of Confession

Oh God of the shining face
Mystery of mysteries, whose love out-sings the cherubim,
Mercy of eternity
Bend your grace on me.

I have walked (as all men walk)
With stumbling steps
Tripping over myself
In the rush towards my folly
Bending my tears to your ears
Unheeding of your love song.

I have climbed the precipice of pride
And thought myself lifted,
Swum the ardent puddles of my self-deceit,
And imagined me a conqueror of oceans,
Closed my eyes and turned my head
To avoid the relentless demands
Of unbearable pity,
And blamed you for my pain.

I have failed to love you
You, you whose love first spun me into being
Who can balance the galaxies on a fingertip,
And wipe my smallest tear.
I have turned away
From the gratitude of stars
And the secret of forgiveness
Into a self-bound world,
Self on self bent backwards,
And the angels sang and I drowned it with cheap jokes.

I have kept my neighbour
At the safe and careful distance that propriety demands,
Leaving no blood on the carpets,
From the bloodless banal words
That displace our hearts.
And my name is Pharisee,
And my cheap gilt mirrors
Show a strangely leprous face
(It must be the light.)

God of the shining face,
Light which is life
Turn not your face
Lest I perish,
Utterly undone.
One life,
One death,
One Way,

And I give thanks.

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