Monday, December 12, 2016

The Swan at sunset (Christmas thoughts)

Into the sunset winging, flinging
Showers of gold on snowy breast;
Into the light too bright for seeing,
Wings beating strong at hope’s behest.

I, the earthbound, ache for such flying
Leaving the dull of earth behind
All the old pains below me lying
Ahead the joys I long to find.

Oh to so soar! The flesh escaping
Dancing delight across the air
Leaving behind the toil of living
No more such heaviness to share.

And yet, my God, not this your choosing.
You, who reside in perfect light,
Heaven’s perfected joy refusing,
You took our flesh, you walked our night.

You, who have drunk the wine of glory,
Gave your own blood in place of mine
Took up the burden of my story
That I, in turn, may taste your wine.

Therefore I wait your choice of season,
While the earth turns, and rivers run,
This life to live, nor seek for easing,
Learning to love as you have done.

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