Friday, May 25, 2018

Lines Written on a PolishTrain

(after seeing a little golden statue of a duck with a crown)

Let the crowned ducks flame with gold!
Let them flame in jubilation!
Let the sparrows sing hosanna
In dulcet tones of joy!
Let the mighty dance begin!

Let the hedgerows flowerbrilliance,
Let the forests gleam with life,
Letthe trodden grass spring up in exaltation,
And the wilderness grow green!

Let the flocks gather, in a torrent of wings,
Mightywings beating, while swans and eagles gather
To dance upon the air!

Let there be music!
Let the squirrels find a song
And the rabbits’feet drum rhythm,
Letthe small birds raise their voices
With the clarity of wonder!

Let the winds lift them, lift them
Into the sky, open unto forever!
Letthe sunlight laugh to receive them,
Let the rain murmur a blessing,
Let the heart be free to finally let go!
Let the crowned ducks flame with gold!

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