Monday, September 10, 2018

Suddenly Spring!

Suddenly Spring! And the blossom trees
Lift up their hands in praise;
The flowers
Sharpen their colours,
 Magpies swoop and sweep
Carolling the morning with their echoed cries.

Suddenly Spring! And the new leaves
Peep from their buds,
Waiting the kiss of sun;
Cockatoos graze
On the seeding grass – little sheep with a comical habit
And feathers white as wool.

Suddenly Spring! Earth moves with subtle mirth,
The air has changed its flavour – mild and warm;
The crested pigeon pecks at his reflection
Like the plastic bird that dips its head in water,
Then flies away, away on whistling wings.

Suddenly Spring! Winter’s cold heart is banished,
The witch is dead, the Lion rules again.
Tremble your gladness – listen to the whisper
Murmuring through the golden, light-laced air,
Oh bend your heart to hear it:
(The promise with us until Kingdom comes)

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