Thursday, October 25, 2018

Song of the Victims

Shattered ere we were formed,
Broken ere we could cry,
Trembling within our beds
To some cruel lullaby;

Pain was our very air,
Confusion wrapped us round,
Yet, in our deepest hearts,
We still knew up from down.

Oh, we have been the crushed,
Yet we rise up again
Strong where we are most weak,
Dancing where we are lame.

Looking you in the eye,
You who would make us small,
We have a king who cares,
The Father of us all.

He did not leave us there,
Bleeding from bitter spite,
We are wrapped in his robe
Lifted into the light.

Lifted into the light,
Light shining burning clear,
Drinking so deep of love,
Learning to shed our fear.

Waiting until the dawn,
Waiting till Kingdom come,
Waiting that perfect morn
When we behold the Son.

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