Monday, November 12, 2018

Barefoot Girls

This world is not quite safe for barefoot girls
Who long to wander in the dew-wet grass
And feel the flowing-skirted touch of life
Roam ankle-deep through seasons as they pass.

But, oh, there are sharp stones beneath my feet,
And thorns and thistles snapping at my heels,
And all the world would say shod is more sweet.

Must we wear armour in this untamed place?
Must I defend my steps with hard firm shoes?
Why can I not go dancing into light,
Twirling and whirling barefoot when I choose?

Only in Eden were such footsteps safe;
Yet I await that day of running free
When there is not a single shoe to see.

I will be dancer, He will be my dance.
I will be singer, He will be my song
I will step boldly on unfading grass
And all the wondering world will dance along.

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