Thursday, January 24, 2019

This Dance

We will dance this dance together
Till our hearts beat to one time,
As we brush against each other
And our fingers intertwine;
Then the music calls us outward,
And we turn and twirl away,
Turning back towards each other
At the ending of the day.

This was never in our planning
All these steps we are compelled
Yet they come from deep within us
From our hidden selves upwelled;
There’s a song that won’t be silenced,
There’s a hush that must be heard,
There’s a power in the whisper
Of the heart-defining word.

So I bring to you this courage,
Torn and tattered though it be
All the grace that I can gather
From the ragged shreds of me.
They will weave and they will waver
For a wind is blowing through
Lending strength that feels like flying
As I stumble back to you.

For all love is nine-tenths courage
In the daring to let go
Of our fortressed self-protection,
The defences that we know:
To step out into the wildness
Of the music and the wind
And this dance the only compass
To the mercy we must find.

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