Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Joy of Randomness

Picture a pillow or picture a peacock,
Picture a rainbow in splendid array;
Picture, ah, picture, the smile on a strawberry,
Or the sweet moment when night turns to day.

Picture the willows bent down to the water,
Picture the sun dancing bright on the wave
Picture (oh fancy it!) bluebells and unicorns,
Or the dear comforts that make you feel brave.

Picture whatever, whoever, wherever
Picture with glee and a smile of surprise
All of the world for your heart’s exploration
Imagination and wide open eyes.

Picture a squirrel or picture a penguin
Picture a ship or a soft, rain-soaked day
Freedom to wonder and let the mind wander
Into sweet meadows where young moonbeams play.

So much, so much to enjoy and give thanks for
Wise hearts can hold a continuous feast
Gladly embracing the glory and beauty:
Seen and acknowledged, enjoyed and released.

Picture a heart that’s content in amazement
Taking each thing as a gift and delight.
Picture the joy that will come in the morning:
Tears wiped away and our faith turned to sight.

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