Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mid March

Mid March
And the new-crisp apples
Sing in the shops
The summer heat still lingers,
But the reeds in the ponds are browning
And the dragonflies
Forget their summer languor.

Mid March
And the skies are blue,
So blue
You could lose yourself forever into blueness.
The Japanese maple
Is sending its leaves, forthwith,
Into early retirement.
The world breathes in
And out.

Mid March.
And the workaday world looks back to the holiday season
And feet submit to stiffer shoes again.
Mornings are darker now,
And some kookaburra
Laughs, far too early, at our human folly.
The Lenten season coils around our hearts
All we see is autumn’s bounty
And nights grown cool enough to sleep again.

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