Tuesday, April 07, 2020

COVID at Easter

This is an Easter like no other!
We cower, solitary,
Without fellowship or celebration,
With fear and grief in too many eyes.

Remember the first one?
They cowered too,
Quarantined in the upper room,
Afraid for their lives,
Afraid of being targets,
For the viral hatred of the day;
Feeling hope drip helplessly through their fingers
Like a broken egg,
Making a mess of their hideout,
Without any expectation
This loss could be restored.
Until they heard a rumour,
Too amazing to believe,
That the world had changed forever

Are we so different then?
Is our faith greater than theirs?
Do we live in holy expectation
While we flounder in our fears?
Remembering death is dead,
Do we take hold of hope’s coattails,
Or paralyse our grasp?
Do we let salvation penetrate
The heart’s cold corners?
Do we still sing hymns of wonder
When our voices rasp?

He who hung in darkness
When the midday sun was gone
Is the light of all the world
And of our darkness too.

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