Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mercy Flows

Mercy flows
Down through the streams of earth;
Mercy flows
Through the warp and weft of our being
Through our breathing
Our breathing in and out.
Mercy flows
Through our laughter,
Brittle as crystal,
Robust as flesh
(Hearts that can break and heal,
Hearts that replenish)
And through our tears
(Acid or clear pure water).
Mercy flows
Through touch that is reverent, gentle,
Touch that is holy,
Touch that touches us
Down in the secret places.
Mercy flows
Through words grace-chosen
Shaped with a jeweller’s care
For precision healing,
Gentle as mercy’s self.
Mercy flows
From the stars in icy glory,
The life-burn of the sun,
White-opal moon,
And shadows under trees.
Mercy flows
From mercy’s self,
Holding all aspirations
In one transcendent love.
Mercy flows
From mercy unto mercy
Breaking us,
In order to replenish and to heal.
Mercy flows.

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