Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In The Morning

I wrote this several years ago, in response to a situation where I felt betrayed, abused and falsely accused by a group of people. it was beyond the point of trying to argue or justify myself; I decided to leave it in the hands of the One who will one day sort it all out for us:


I will meet you in the morning when the joy lights in our eyes
And the shadows of our night have fled away
When this hard, dead seed within becomes a flower in full bloom ..
I will meet you at the dawning of the day!

I will meet you in the morning when misunderstandings cease
When clear truth in all her frankness is revealed
When the heart is washed from all the muck she has to swim in now
And integrity no longer is concealed.

I will meet you in the morning when our laughter learns to skip
Like a lamb across the hills of our desire
When we clap our hands in wonder at the simple, perfect things
And delight is not a fragment, but entire.

I shall meet you in the morning when our wings are given out
And we soar like eagles up into the sun
When our feathers stretch to feel the wind which we were made to sail
And our crawling over broken glass is done.

I will meet you in the morning at the feet of Love and Truth
Where the Arms that always held shall hold us fast
In that place of all fulfillment where our tears are wiped away
And we fully know as we are known at last.

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Martin Irwin said...

I'm going to a funeral today.
A man who I admired for his fitness, healthy lifestyle and commitment to his young wife and 2 small children ( both under ten) died suddenly of a heart attach today. He'd just had a health checkup too!.

I might print this out and hand it to her as it speaks to me about forgiveness and new life.