Saturday, August 05, 2006

Your Word in me

Let Your word be in me
Through me
Embracing and surrounding
Touching every atom of my being
With the grace that heals, transforms;
Giving sight and insight
And the love that gives and gives.

You are my Rock
The only solidity
The words of truth that stand against the storm
And he who clings to You will not be swept away
And he who stands on You can never fall
Out of the hands that hold.

Let me hear You with my heart,
Drinking Living Water with my desperate thirst
Re-hydrating my dreadful desiccation.
Let me bathe, swim, splash
In its sweet invigoration
Laughing as it washes clean
The old encrusted sores.

Let my frail mind find a dwelling place
In the habitation of Your truth
Let me find a stronghold
In the fullness of Your furnishings.

Let me never be afraid
Your word takes nothing from me
Except the dead wood
And the branch that bears no fruit
Leaving room to engraft abundance.
Let it be a part of me
Flesh of my flesh, Your Spirit
Like the raising yeast,
Lifting ... lifting ...

Write Yourself upon me
Etched on my being in light
The word of truth flowing
Till everyone can read
The strange script of Your never-failing love
Giving lilt to the lips that falter
Making stumbling feet dance out
The music of Your praise
And Your song is sung through me!!

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SingingOwl said...

I came here from Ben W.'s blog. And THIS is a good poem too! :-D