Thursday, September 14, 2006

Horatio Hedgehog

Horatio hedgehog’s asleep on his bed
A pillow of cactus tucked under his head
Kept warm by a blanket of raspberries and bark
And, over the top, a bright bedspread of shark
His great big alarm clock he just calls the sun
And he goes tickling termites when he needs some fun
He washes his dishes in concrete and oil
And pickles his eyelids so they’ll never spoil
One day he’s hoping to marry a wife
But he hasn’t found one yet who’ll share such a life
Except for a wild goose who’s made out of snow
But she’s scared she might melt when hot winds start to blow
And there once was a squirrel carved from margarine
But the same thing applied and she slipped from the scene
So he sips on his milkshake and lives all alone
In an igloo he made from an old ice cream cone
Or he sits on a toadstool and slowly grows old
And dreams he’ll migrate to a country that’s cold.

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