Monday, September 18, 2006

Lullaby for my inner child

Dedicated to everyone whose soul has ever been torn and hurt ..


Drinking truth and not delusion,
Know their lies are the illusion;
Sleep, and rest you from confusion,
Sleep, my dear one, sleep.

Sleep, their power now is broken,
Sleep, the healing words are spoken,
(Sleep, of coming peace the token,)
Sleep, my dear one, sleep.

Let there be a rest from weeping,
From the fears so quickly leaping,
Now you lie in safer keeping,
Sleep, my dear one, sleep.

Once your worthlessness they told you,
Now may angels’ wings enfold you,
Perfect love forever hold you,
Sleep my dear one, sleep.

Sleep and do not fear the waking,
Night is ending, dawn is breaking,
Life shall be yours for the taking,
Sleep my dear one, sleep.

1 comment:

Suzanne R said...

As you know, I am in that category. I love this poem -- it does help soothe the hurts.