Thursday, October 26, 2006


It's a common human experience, to feel close to someone and then suddenly find a chasm of misunderstanding between you. This is something I wrote about it years ago .. I can't even remember the occasion now (which is probably a good thing)


I did not know my joy was gossamer-fragile,
Until the words were said.
Like a rock-plummet through the tissue layers,
My joy was shred.
That, which in me was all alive, upspringing,
Is now stone-dead.

Through that great, gaping wound, the world's pain
And flings me wide
To nuances I did not know of anguish;
Nor place to hide,
Nor citadel of sureness, but a hard grief,
Which sinks inside.

Our inward tears mark channels out before us,
With stinging brine;
While we trudge on to where these bitter waters
Are changed to wine;
In that sure place where love shall knit our meanings,
And you are mine.

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Suzanne R said...

I have read this poem twice now and liked it better each time. I have no doubt have had this experience as well.