Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random thoughts on Spring

Just because it's been a beautiful day ..

# Some things you never get tired of, even though they're repeated every year

# I'm glad I don't live in an age or place where Spring demands an insane orgy of housework. Then again, we get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, even in mid-winter

# My northern hemisphere friends might find this hard to believe, but even in a climate where we have green grass all year round, Spring is still magic.

# Why do all 4 seasons have 6 letter names?

# there is nothing like the first feel of warm sunshine on bare arms, or the smell of jasmine, or the delicate glory of azaleas

# Spring is the promise, woven into the very fabric of this creation, that one day there will be a new creation, perfect and lovely beyond anything we can imagine

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Patchouli said...

And we are having what I consider our second spring around here: autumn brings a new flush of flowers and beautiful weather here in Texas.