Sunday, January 07, 2007


Sometimes life seems impossible and "unfair" precisely because we are trying to solve our lives and our pain in our own strength, instead of learning to trust in desolation:

I broke my feet on strange hard paths
By spears of loneliness pierced through
Tormented by my empty hands
Mocked by the wind in all I do.
And all the while, and all the while
You hold, who did not have to seek!
I break my strength against the rocks;
He carries you, the small and weak.

I stormed the rearing citadel
Of fierce desire which challenged me
And it repulsed me by its walls;
Impregnable adamancy!
And all the while, and all the while,
You ran upon the shining shore
Your toes caressed by the soft waves
Of all that truth which hurt me sore.

I wept the long embittered night
Of frustrate rage, and knew no peace;
Commanded heaven to come down
And bring my agony release.
And all the while, and all the while
You laid your cheek upon His breast
Drank in the love that held you fast
And found in Him your perfect rest

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