Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Well, let's think of some possibilities --
X-ray vision might be fun .. but I'd hate to see through everyone's clothes. most of us wear them for a reason.

Flying? All my best dreams involved being gravity defying, but in real life there wouldn't be so much point. Besides, I'd keep bumping my head on the ceiling!

Invisibility? There have been times in my life when I felt invisible. It wasn't much fun.

Cleaning things up with a click of my fingers, a la Mary Poppins? well, yep, that would be useful. But I sure don't want the big thing in my life to be about housework!

You know what I would choose?
To really, really understand people .. to be able to get inside their hearts and really know what they're feeling and why, and, even more, to understand enough how to speak words of real healing into their lives...

What would you choose? Something I haven't even thought of?


Missy said...

I was thinking I would choose the power to overcome procrastination - because with any other power I would still put it off til another day. :)

Then I read yours, and I like it best, too.

Milly said...

Well I wanted to be like Jennie in I Dream of Jennie, only smarter. All my stuff in that small bottle. Not going to happen.

I’d hate mind reading because knowing what people are really thinking can hurt feelings.

I’m afraid of spiders so Spider Man is out.

I’m already super mom so I need not ask for that one.

I know I want three more wishes!

Suzanne R said...

My chosen super power would be to be able to alleviate peoples' suffering, including my own. (And that of animals, like my cats; they're furry little people, too.) I heard once, though, that if we didn't have nerves, we would hurt ourselves badly without knowing it, so maybe that's not the best idea, but at least to see emotional suffering put to rest would be a wonderful thing. I know, there's no superhero with these kinds of powers, so I guess I just made my own up. LOL!

Kansas Bob said...

Maybe if I framed it as a spiritual gift I would say the working of miracles and healings.