Monday, October 20, 2008


With the issue of women in the church very much on my mind lately, I wrote this. it would fit traditional hymn tunes, like "The Church's One Foundation .." I think perhaps it needs a concluding verse, but my mind went blank at that point

O Lord of earth and heaven
We lift our prayers to you
We would be your disciples
In everything we do
The brokenness from Eden
Has left us sore oppressed
Then Lord make haste to help us
And give your daughters rest.

O Christ our sure Redeemer
Who has made all things new
Give love and grace and wisdom
To all who follow you
Who conquered death and hades
From all sin’s curse set free
Grant us to serve together
In our entirety.

O Spirit of the Highest
Who blesses from above
With your anointing power
And your indwelling love,
Your gifts you shower freely
That we may all proclaim
As blessed sons and daughters
The glories of your name.

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Rachel said...

So come amongst us Saviour
And set our souls to soar
On all the things you promise
As we drop burdens to the floor
Come fill us with your spirit
And breathe upon that spark
Your grace is a redeeming light
Consuming all once dark

See our faces rising
Seeking out your holy will
Equip us in the busyness
Replenish us when we're still
Dwell amongst your people
And gather us in - your flock
We rest abiding in your love
Our abba-father, friend and Rock.