Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ten things I don't need in my life

both the profound, and the .. not profound. in no particular order:

1. Men who want to put/ keep women in their "place" (I am beyond tired of being told I can only be godly by being someone else's fantasy)

2. Tea and coffee (I am the no caffeine freak. Seriously. I don't drink either. At all. Ever.)

3. Broccoli (except to keep my husband happy. he likes. I loathe)

4. Media obsession with politics and politicians. They go to some very unhealthy places to find something "new" to say

5. More gadgets. to do more things we never knew we needed. (let's just replace what we've got when it wears out, and take time to enjoy it)

6. A Magisterium to tell me what to think. (Of course I'll listen to their opinions. But I reserve the right to disagree)

7. Begging phone calls from charities I've never heard of. I'm convinced that some of them spend all their donations on phone calls

8. Billboards with "adult" content. I'm glad I don't have young children, I'd hate to try and explain a couple I've seen recently

9. Hatred and bitterness. they are the acid that corrodes our souls.

10. Toothache (are we all agreed on that one?)

how about you?


Kansas Bob said...

I like your list Lynne.. I resonate with many items on your list.. #1 is a great one!

I need to think about a list of my own.. I think I may post about it later at my place :)

Suzanne R said...

Some good ones there -- I wonder if I can come up with 10. More likely, I will find it hard to limit the list to 10! LOL! I will give it a try sometime today.

Another Voice said...

Great list, Lynne. Simplify, eh?

I don't need to start any new blogs! Got 5 to keep up with so far. (I think 2 are ready to put to bed, though - shhh!)


Suzanne R said...

I did post my 10 today. I like your list so well! Hope I was able to make mine as apropos as yours is.

Milly said...

I'm all up on 1 can't give up 2 until I get rid of 1