Thursday, January 01, 2009

Emotional abuse

yet another themed poem on abuse. We all recognise emotional abuse when it comes with violent words and blatant cruelty, but what about the subtle abuse by someone who just ignores a child or partner's essential humanity?

Death by a thousand papercuts
The little words that prick
Disdainful eyes that cannot see
The “harmless” gibes that stick.

The ground that opens up beneath
Each step you try to take
The confidence that swallows yours
The strength-destroying ache.

The trust confused, the hope abused,
The truth that won’t stay still
The conscience tangled hopelessly
To guilt-trip your own will.

The “love” that doesn’t satisfy
The “help” that undermines
The mockery that tarnishes
Each little dream that shines.

The overwhelming weariness,
The ebbing of the soul
The strain of living in a world
Where nothing’s clear and whole.

The tears, the sodden helpless tears,
And yet not cried in vain
The silent rage with God and man
The enervating pain.

And not by easy platitudes
The broken souled are blessed.
And yet, and yet, the God of grace
Is near to the oppressed

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Milly said...

And yet, and yet, the God of grace
Is near to the oppressed