Friday, January 23, 2009

Prayer from an Old Diary

Cleaning out some old papers I came across a prayer diary I kept for a while in 1991, when I was dealing with some pretty heavy stuff in my life. Skimming through it I came across this (edited slightly for context):

Quicken Your Spirit within me, my Father, that Your transforming power might be at work in me, even in this impossible situation.

In the midst of turmoil, saturate me with Your peace
In the midst of my pain, be a wellspring of joy within me
In the midst of rejection, let me rest upon Your love
In the midst of injustice, make me steadfast in longsuffering
In the midst of provocation, keep me gentle
In the midst of change and confusion, hold me in Your faithfulness
In the midst of evil, let me be a channel of Your goodness
In the midst of persecution, help me be glad in meekness
In the midst of passion and self-indulgence, temper me with the Spirit’s fruit of self-control.

I am not these things, but You are, and there is my sufficiency.
To look for fulfilment in any other place is frustration and futility.


Kansas Bob said...

What a beautiful prayer Lynne! Do you mind if I use it at my prayer blog?

Lynne said...

help yourself!

steve martin said...

Good words. True words.

Putting the focus, the onus on Christ.

Refreshing, life giving water!


Anonymous said...

Like what Steve and Kansas Bob said.
We all go through turmoil and your prayer is encouraging as it is comforting.

May God's joy and peace be reflected in the lives you attempt to touch. Adieu in JC.

Milly said...

I'm going to put a copy where I can see it. Thank You

Kansas Bob said...

Thx again Lynne.. I add to my prayer blog yesterday!