Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dancing Words

I shall set these words a-dancing, mad-spinning,
Across the table You have spread for me:
No containment, skirts lifted,
With glimpses of glory in their flashing feet.

Let my tongue soar the eagle’s way,
Unconfined by earth.

“And the Word became flesh ..”
And flesh became
A lamp for God to burn in.
The words ricochet through centuries,
Though they tried to contain them in stone.

Let me be of that other company:
The minstrels, the prophets, the wild-eyed-drunk-with-wonder.
Open my mouth till my breath
Can laugh in the enemies’ face.
And take these syllables:
Star-bright, diamond-hard, supple as grass in the wind,
And make of them a moving monument,
A mobile of the Spirit,
To dance in the light above our faces
While we learn Your vast delight.

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