Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When sorrow was the sea ..

The first line was a quote I read somewhere, the rest is what it inspired ..

“When sorrow was the sea, You taught me how to swim”.
When darkness was the way, You led me limb by limb.
You hold me fast to You, through all things bright and dim.

You tore apart my heart, when it was hard and cold,
You changed the price tags on this life I bought and sold;
And, though my skin is numb, Your sure arms still enfold.
I shall not walk the stars unless You lift me there;
My soul is empty noise till You transmute to prayer.
Through storm and gentle rain You teach me how to care.

I run, I walk, I shine, for You have named my name,
And, nestled in Your love, I need no other fame
You raise me to become the life which You became.

Through nights of broken glass until Your perfect Day,
Through death to come to life, since You’re the only Way
My need drowned in Your depth, as You make gold from clay.

And through my bleeding tears there comes a great AMEN
Song of my finished hope, I glimpse it now and then,
Love is the treasured joy I find again, again.

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