Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let ..

Let me dance in your heart this fragile moment,
Let us kiss souls with wonder we have seen.
Let us hold hands and weep for life’s short-falling,
Let us hold vigil for what might have been.

Let us strew roses in the sunless alleys,
Let us plant trees where no tree ever grew,
Let us be unafraid to speak affection
Nor, in discomfort, turn from what is new.

Let us clap with delight like little children.
Let terrible compassion make us wise.
Let us breathe deep and share our secret dreaming.
Let us not let our old clothes cramp our size.

Let us wipe slow tears from each other’s faces
Let us look up and laugh against the sky.
Let us be swords – but not against each other.
Let us take up the Life that bids us die.


Kansas Bob said...

I like this Lynne! What was the inspiration for it?

Lynne said...

No one particular thing. A couple of facebook conversations I'd been following recently talking about how friends should encourage one another got mew thinking about what deep connection, in any scenario, should look like