Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things you shouldn't say

Somewhere along the way I missed the memo.

Perhaps it was a fluff-cloud day,
When my heart was in the sky,
My attention wandering.

Or maybe fear
Clanked chains so loud
I simply didn’t hear.

Or maybe my parents.
For reasons all their own
Forgot to give the message.

Perhaps I was simply
Socially dyslexic -
Or someone switched the tags?

Somehow, it seems, I never learned the rules.
So much is understood, but never spoken
By some strange code whose key I never saw:
Truth reconstructed in a neater frame
To fit in some denatured comfort zone.
I will go wander with the daffodils,
Who never blush or stammer at my words,
And maybe ponder this strange mystery,
Or maybe not .. perchance a bird might sing. ..

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