Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Ordinary Time

Oh let the whirling planets twirl,
And numbers dance in forms sublime:
For I have seen the hand of God
Outstretched in ordinary time.

The beat of rain on bended weed,
The rapid flash of beating wing,
The sunlight angled on a leaf:
Who needs to hear the planets sing?

The warmth within a stranger’s smile,
The sound of water, scent of sea,
The love that holds through daily things –
These are, for me, epiphany.

The angels bend their eyes to watch
The sacrament of cookery.
The artistry of everyday,
The small things in humility.

Oh God of galaxies and stars,
Like a weaned child, may I find rest,
Not in the things too high for me,
But here and now, against your breast.

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