Sunday, December 23, 2012

There will be Horses

Sometimes I close my eyes and see The Kingdom
Salt-whipped sand, bright, and a strong wind blowing
Wild waves that know their boundary,
Strange air
Perfumed with cleanness, warm and sharp and clear,
Salt on my lips, yet sweet as tropic fruit.

Laughing, yes laughing,
For the gladness of glory. I am become a child
Twirling like madness into that new wind.

Then come the horses,
Riderless and inviting, born to run,
For the living joy of the wind, and the sea’s sweet singing,
I run with them, I run and am not weary,
‘Hallelujah!’ scream the eagles
And the gulls shiver with joy,
And I run with the horses.

There are meadows
Where grass bows to the wind
Where glory burns
And we run through the scent of flowers,
Running towards the Beauty that is borne
Down to us.
Face-upward, how we run!

And the chains of the years melt away,
And the sin and the sorrow
Fall from our limbs like a shadow, passing, passing.
And I know not if I run or if I fly
Home to my Home, Who meets me in the splendour,
Welcoming me, and I come,
Yes I come with the horses!

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