Thursday, April 02, 2015

Reflections Luke 5: 36-39

There is really no returning to the life you’ve lived before,
No room for backward yearning when you’re seeking something more.
For the old ways now are cold ways and their light is growing dim
And the sunrise calls you onward if you long to follow him.

There has never been regression from the hatchling to the egg,
For the egg makes no concession though you scream and cry and beg.
And the old familiar wineskins cannot hold the brand new wine
And it’s foolishness to try it, and against all God’s design.

For the grace that can so change us cannot be confined by law
Though men seek to rearrange us into what we were before.
For the old dams have been broken and the river’s running free,
And the word which God has spoken is transforming you and me.

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