Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Reflections Luke 6: 12-16

He called them to him one by one,
He called them name by name:
Each with his life, his work, his pride,
Each with his secret shame.

He called them to him, called to walk
Walk with him side by side,
Each with his hunger for the truth,
Each with his secret pride.

Called to a path they did not know,
Called to put so much by
Leaving the old securities,
Having no place to lie.

Called to put all their trust in one
They could not understand.
Having their hearts turned inside out,
Was this what they had planned?

Called to take up their cross and walk
Following day by day,
Learning to love him more and more
He was their Truth, their Way.

Following him through death to life,
Until they recognised
He was Redeemer, he was King

He was the source of Life.

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