Friday, January 12, 2018


Let me place this ring of stars
On the finger of your soul.
Let me show you the moon tonight,
Soft in its silver promise.
Let us laugh together
With the little lapping waves
Rejoicing in our smallness.

Let us trace the path of our years across the sky
Through light and darkness,
The relentless pull of entropy,
And the pinpricks that unsettle.
Let us refuse to be afraid.

Let us ache for the loneliness
That is part of all things human,
Then reach out and touch
Until the divisive galaxies are nothing,
Nothing more,
Than the cobblestones our love must walk across.

Let us taste our names again
In each other’s mouths
The centuries of kindness
That have woven us together.

Because our hope
Has always been
So far beyond ourselves.

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