Thursday, January 04, 2018

Cry out oh dust!

Take up your cry, oh dust!
Cry to the sky!
Wonder must be, must be,
Nought can belie.
Let no dust silent lie!

Praise him you winds that ruffle meadows,
Breath, breeze and hurricane
A chorus raise.
Sing out the glory that his touch displays!

Sing waters, sing for joy,
Each ripple sing!
Waves of the winding world
Rejoicing ring
Life-giving presence, touching everything!

Delight yourselves, oh flowers,
Take delight!
Passing through bitter winter,
Darkest night,
Grace blossoms in plain sight.

Stars, planets, dance in orbit:
Dance, oh, dance!
In all your ordered movements show
The great romance.
Nothing became by chance.

Oh heart bow down in worship,
Kneel, oh, kneel,
His praise your heart your joy,
All that you feel,
Given to him, his mercy to reveal!

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