Monday, December 02, 2019

Mary's Questions

Oh angel! It is so easy for you
To tell me not to fear –
You who dwell in light unimaginable,
Forever praising God,
What do you know of fear?

My path is different;
Even in Spring’s upspringing
I feel the slow drag of flesh,
And the questions, like a thousand sword-points,
Bearing down upon me:
What will my mother say?
And Joseph, how will I explain
That I bear Another’s child?
Unless an angel comes to him,
How shall he believe?
And my friends (I can see it now):
Cruel smiles, pointing fingers,
Whispers I only just hear?
This is a small, small town,
I can get away with nothing.
Oh angel, have you any idea?

In this hour of second-guessing
Where has my courage gone?
And who am I to raise a child
Who is not like any other?

He will be the Son of God –
And my mind retreats
From the unearthly strangeness of it all …
But he will be God!
God himself
Will be a baby!
God himself
Will need me,
Will be vulnerable, alone,
Will need me.
God himself
Will taste of fear,
Will understand
This path I scarcely name.
God himself
Will be with me, will be so small, so small …

Let it be to me according to your word.

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