Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Prayer in a Time of Fire

For the grey-green forest,
Lyrical in beauty,
Nurturing life and joy –
Now gone.
We pray

For those who rise in courage
To battle monsters,
To bear the dragon’s breath,
Struggling, exhausted,
We pray.

For those who cower
On new-crowded beaches
Desolate with fear
And too much loss to count
We pray.

For history made palpable:
Country townscapes
Wearing charm and welcome
Utterly destroyed
We pray.

For those so cruelly bludgeoned
Grieving for the arms
That will never touch again
And the words now no more spoken
We pray.

For sweet summer air made bitter
Tainted by smoke,
Choking and unbreathable
Blotting out the sun
We pray.

Let us never be a people
Of cold hearts and crossed arms
Wearing indifference as a shield
Terminally self-seeking
We pray.

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